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Other Fun Stuff...

Interested in hearing more about my work and what it's like to collaborate with me?


Here's where you can check out some of my podcast conversations about Reiki, massage, energy work, chakras, intuition and your third eye. 

As well as the beautiful book I am super proud to be a co-author of! 

Raise The Vibration: A Weekly Guide For Alchemizing The Human Experience

(Think Chicken Soup For The Soul meets The Artist's Way!)

Each of the 52 chapters (one for each week) contains personal stories, exercises, chakra wisdom, inspiring quotes and journaling prompts to integrate each author's experiential wisdom in your own life.


Illustrated by Rachel Gayle, every gorgeous image is created to complement the author's story AND be used as coloring book therapy! 

Click the image below to learn more and purchase your own copy.

Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 5.07.47 PM.png

Podcast: Grounding Journey

"The third eye and intuition sounds big. I chat with Jihan Marcotullio, about trusting your own inner wisdom. An open third eye can be as simple as listening to the whispers of your soul and trusting that what you hear and feel is where you’re being guided instead of having a vast spiritual experience."

Click the image below to listen:

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